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Prevention & Protection against lightning strikes
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worldwide designs, manufactures and implements installations of prevention and protection against lightning strikeS
  • Direct lightning strike

    What are the consequences of a direct lightning strike ?

    Known from time immemorial, lightning presents many dangers for properties and living beings.The meeting of a downward tracer and an upward tracer coming from a natural priming is called direct lightning strike. To protect oneself from direct lightning strikes, it is necessary to set up an Outside Protection against Lightning Installation (O.P.L.I) including a lightning strike sensor : the lightning rod.

  • ESE Lightning rod


    Named Paraton@ir®, in reference to the french language (« Paratonnerre » is the french word for lightning rod) and to its communication abilities, our product is manufactured with utmost care in our workshop in France. Years of experiments and numerous tests in laboratory and in real lightning conditions were necessary to develop this Early Streamer Emitter lightning rod. An aluminium alloy and polymeric materials, all patented, form ....

  • Our products

    Lightning rod, lightning strike counter, earthing conductor, grounding...

    Lightning Protection Systems France® offers a catalog developed lightning rods, lightning arresters and earthed according to the evolution of standards, technological advances and the needs expressed by our customers. LPS France® is required analysis and constant listening and offers a range of products to meet the specificities...

  • Distribution

    With our authorized partners, your lightning safety will be guaranteed.

    As part of its international distribution policy, Lightning Protection Systems France® provides different options for marketing its products. In more than 35 countries, LPS France® and its authorized partners offerprotective equipment against lightning (lightning conductors, lightning arresters), and if you like their installation and maintenance..

Contact@ir system maintenance


Wireless communication solution

A Contact@ir® emitter can be optionally fitted on each Contact@ir® Ready product (Paraton@ir® range and Compt@ir® lightning strike counters).


Then the Contact@ir® emitter permanently communicates the operating status of the Contact@ir® Ready aproduct as well as its communication liability...

Contact@ir + Dongl@ir LPS France


When carry out a diagnosis with Dongl@ir® ?

With Dongl@ir®, you can carry out a diagnosis when you are located near your installation to check its reliability.


The circumstances requiring the checking of your lightning protection installation are listed in the NFC 17-102 standard text in the article 8.2...

Contact@ir + Rout@ir LPS France


Why use Rout@ir® ?

Contact@ir® system, if used with Rout@ir® receiver, enables you to check the good working order of your product remotely. If one of your product is struck by lightning, you immediatly receive a warning. You are given the lightning strike intensity level on a scale from 1 to 3.It is thus possible to know which type of checking has to be done. Your products equiped with a Contact@ir® emitter permanently communicates...